3-D: Constructions in metal, paper and wood












Garden in a Book

Each page of a thick hardcover sketchbook was cut and layered to form a translucent paper garden in miniature.








Rusted Steel Garden

The concept of layers or sections cut through a landscape was also explored in a series of steel sculptures. In this 2'x4' piece, rainwater weathers the contoured plates and creates the sense of a mountainous landscape in miniature. Much as the process of weathering creates the irregular forms of rocks and mountains in nature, over time, rust decays the edges and surfaces of the steel plates in this piece and slowly blurs the line between the man-made and natural object.








Light Sculptures

Steel rods are bent and welded together at multiple intersection points, then wrapped with hand-made paper. The nested layers of paper filter and reflect the light emanating from the fixture at the form's core.








Parametric Chair. GSD CAD/CAM Workshop 2006

Designing a parametic model in Solidworks allows rapid reconfiguration of chair dimensions based on user body dimensions. Milled on CNC router using MasterCAM. (with John Rule and Quilian Rainos)







Steel Cicadas

The emergence of the 17-year cicada brood in the Washington DC area this summer inspired this welded steel sculpture of the larval cicada form.